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If you’re here, then the likelihood is that something you used to LOVE doing is now causing you constant frustration and what's more to the point MONEY!

Am I right?

Do you remember how great it was when you were in love with Golfing?
If you’re like many Golfers, You've put a lot of time effort and money into lowering your handicap.

Despite all this time and experience, (and maybe even a very low handicap) nerves often get the better of you and you cramp up and can CHOKE on that important stroke - and even the less important ones!

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Get back to loving GOLF!
Hi, I'm Dermot - please call me Derm, so's not to confuse me with other guys of the same name ;o)

I'm The Mindset Pro and I've developed The Mindset Pro's Golfing System - a proven approach to Golf which will improve your Mindset and Reduce your Handicap - EVEN IF YOU NEVER WANT TO PICK UP A GOLF CLUB AGAIN!

If you have a mental block with your Golf and have hit a Brick Wall - I can help you knock it down!

Let's get together and BREAK DOWN THE BRICK WALL EFFECT!

So What's it all about then?
The Mindset Pro has been Coaching one sport or another for over thirty years, is an NLP Practitioner and UKA Level 3 Performance Coach.

The Mindset Pro's Golfing System is the culmination of all those years of experience. It's a number of techniques (and what his kids call "Jedi Mind Tricks) that can be used in life and on the course.

They are tried and tested and proven to work and are delivered via one-to-one sessions either at your club, or one of the pop up Practices in Surrey.

From not getting out of the car to playing better than ever!
"M" was an experienced Golfer with a fairly low handicap, who had been playing for years.

Over time his  problem became the first Tee, (not everyone's favourite) which he had developed an issue with so bad, it was almost at phobia level.
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Not just confined to the sporting arena, Derm provides coaching workshops and one to one's to the Business Sector and is regarded as one of the most entertaining Motivational Speakers in the UK!
"I don't know what you've done Derm...
But I feel like a New Man!"
Lee, North London
"Thank you Derm - I can now approach the first Tee with renewed enthusiasm and confidence!"
Michael, Surrey
"Derm is the most energising coach I have worked with across a range of sports. His personable approach creates trust and a bond!"
Steve, Surrey
"Derm is one of the best coaches and motivators I have ever worked with. Extremely knowledgable and great fun to be around!"
Sean, Surrey
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