The Mindset Pro's
Golfing System
Is this YOU?
 If you’re like many Golfers, You've put a lot of time effort and money into lowering your handicap.
Bucket after bucket on the Golf Range...
Or Sessions with a Golf Pro...
Or time spent looking at Golf Videos...
Not to mention the GOLF FEE'S themselves!
But IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, nerves can get the better of you - and you cramp up and CHOKE on that important stroke - and even the less important one's!
And very often it's the same shot and it is just ruining your game - and you're playing out of habbit.
Just close your eyes and think how great it would be to love the game again!

From not getting out the car to playing better than ever!
"M" was an experienced Golfer with a fairly low handicap, who had been playing for years.

Over time his  problem became the first Tee, (not everyone's favourite) which he had developed an issue with so bad, it was almost at phobia level.

He would sometimes drive into the car park of his Club and not get out of the car!
It took just one session with the Mindset Pro and he is now back to loving his Golf and driving off the first Tee better than ever!

Not just for Golf
"P" was a good club level sprinter who badly pulled a hamstring in a race.

Even though the "hammy" was fully recovered he found that he couldn't bring himself to put it under pressure in training, let alone race again.

A couple of sessions with the Mindset Pro and he returned to training at full capacity - competing all over the place and happy to have a go at other events.
Introducing  The Can't
Warning - "Implied Profanity" here...
We all have that inner voice from time to time telling us that we can't do something.  We call it "Negative Mind Chatter"  what's more, we've even given it (or him) a name.  We call it "The Can't"!

He (or She) is there in every one of us.

It's how you learn to ignore him is the question!

BUT what if...

...You could GET YOUR MIND RIGHT, and take back the power of your own round?
...You Play each shot with confidence once again?
...You could get close to or even better than your best
What if you could just get back to enjoying your Golf once again?

Created just for Golfers like YOU...

...who don't have a team of Sports Psychologists around them.
...who don't know how put their mindset right.
…who recognise the NEED to make changes NOW!
Created so you can easily get your Golfing Mindset right!

More than just for Sport

The techniques you will learn in The Mindset Pro's Golfing System can be used for all manner of situations in life.
Frustration, Anxiety, Self Doubt for instance are things that we may encounter daily.
Unwanted emotions and processes can be eradicated with these mindset tools!

So where do we go from here?

It all starts with a simple and free call to Derm - The Mindset Pro.
We'll be able to see if there's a fit and can discuss a way forward.

So what's it cost then?
What value do you put on getting back in love with something that you are about to divorce!

If with just a few sessions (and very often just ONE) you could be winning again - lowering your handicap and BACK IN LOVE!

If The Mindset Pro could do that for you, for less than a grand - you'd have to say YES, wouldn't you!
The value is in the outcome and the quality of life it can bring to you is what counts - not the cost to your pocket - and what's more, you may even qualify for the Surrey Discount!

We're not saying that this will solve everything that may be wrong with your game - as that would be somewhat big headed - but what we will say is that you WILL be hitting the ball with more confidence which means you'll be able to relax into your game more and the scores will come down.
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