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Motivational expert (sometimes referred to as a Motivationalist) Derm is perfect if you want anything from a full or half or full day workshop through to Executive Mentoring or 1-1's.

Known for his work in sport, Derm still keeps his hand in with the Business Sector and has even been known to step back into the world of Project Management to help out when a project has a blockage.

Not your average Team Building excecise, Derm puts his NLP experience to good use and will help your team become more productive through relationship building.

Workshops are delivered with his own inimatable style and humour, providing for an enjoyable and productive afternoon or full day.

Workshops are "semi bespoke" with no two of them being exactly the same (unless you want them to be) and will be setup with your requirements in mind, meaning that your team will get the most out of the session inline with your objectives.

Get in touch now for an informal discussion on how a workshop could make your team more productive.
The hardest part of any project is managing the relationships between the various stakeholders.

Very often a project can come to a halt because differing parties are at "loggerheads"

This is where Derm's years of IT and Project Management experience combine perfectly with his NLP and Mindset Skills.

Adept at managing relationships, Derm could have your team back talking to each other and get your project back on track in no time at all.

Get in touch NOW before your project comes completely off the rails.

Got a team who could benefit from some Customer Service Training?

Talk to Derm now - he's been an Accredited Customer Service Coach for years.

This can be delivered on a 1 to 1 group sessions, or even just one of his famous keynote speeches.

This is very much a bespoke offering, so get in touch now and see how your team can benefit.
Being the natural show off that he is, this is probably Derm's favourite offering.

He'll have your attendees in stitches one minute and tears the next and has been referred to as the most entertaining speaker on the circuit.

The message delivered will be inline with your objectives and you can guarantee that everyone will leave the auditorium in a better frame of mind than when they came in.

Get in touch and see how you'll be loved for booking someone entertaining for a change.

Did you know...

The biggest crowd that Derm has spoken in front of was nearly forty thousand!

Did you know...

Derm single handedly saved a project from disaster just two weeks before a Royal Opening!

Did you know...

Derm taught the actor Tam Williams to hurdle for his part in the West End Production of Chariots of Fire.

Did you know...

Derm was IT Director for an American TV Company and oversaw the IT in 8 different countries!
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