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About Derm
About Derm
Maybe you've been playing for years and have fallen out of love with the game...
Maybe you've reached a point where you're flatlining and cannot seem to improve...
Maybe there's other stuff going on in your life which is affecting your performance...
If you're here right now - you've probably got an issue - and that's where I come in...
Hi There, I'm Derm...
These days known as "The Mindset Pro" Although I have been known as many other things, most of which are un-repeatable on these pages ;o)

As far as the Game of Golf is concerned - I'm what I call a "value for money Golfer" - I'm out on the course longer than anyone else and get to hit the ball more often ;o)  But my problem is that I stand too close to the ball - after I've hit it (the old one's are the best).

My problems with golf are mainly down to my "knackered knees" from playing competitive footie into my forties and thus I can't swing properly - however my mindset is spot on!
So how did I get here...
Well, I've worn many hats in my time - ranging from being a professional DJ, Customer Service Coach through to IT Director for an International Media Company - but the one hat I've worn consistantly through that time - is indeed that of a Coach - and I've been lucky to work with Athletes and Sports People through to International level - a number of them Medalling at Major International Championships.

Now let's be honest here - the world of IT has decided it has increasingly become a place for the younger man (not my decision - theirs) - and so I looked to change direction a number of years ago - and with my love of Coaching and a wealth of experience in that area, there was only one decision really!

I trained as an NLP Practitioner (my kids call it Jedi Mind Tricks ;o) threw in the towel on my business life and have never looked back.  I have to say that right now is the most fulfilling time in my life and the old "should have done it years before" certainly applies.

Oh, BTW - I still manage to keep my hand in on the business side of things by working with companies on developing their staff mindset.
So how does this all help you...
My Speciality over the last forty years or so of Coaching has been the development of a competitive mindset with particular attention to clearing a mental block in preparation for competition and a while ago I realised that Golfers everywhere and at all levels need my help with this.  And that is when I set to developing my Mindset Pro's Golfing System.

I am delighted with the results that have been achieved using this simple system of techniques - which can be used in life as well as on the course and I'd love to help you with your issues.

Now - I'm not saying that this is the perfect solution for every Golf or Sports issue (that would be somewhat big headed wouldn't it?) but what I will say is that you will be more relaxed in your approach and therefore able to execute better and achieve the results you desire.
So what now...
As the little Meercat says "Simples" give me a call now and we can see if we're a good fit - it doesn't cost you anything (other than you service providers cost) and it will  be the best thing you've done today.

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The Locker Room of Old Beliefs...

One of my favourite techniques for getting rid of those old limiting beliefs.  It's sometimes known as "The Museum of Old Beliefs" and once you have gone through this with me, you can wave goodbye to that one thing that has been holding you back and allow yourself to move forward with a new confidence that your results will improve.
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Derm Speaking...

Anything from a Keynote Speech, to a half or full day Workshop  - My Mum used to say that I didn't kiss the Blarney Stone - I swallowed it!
Bespoke solutions for your organisation.
Check out my Blog...
Well I thought to myself  could go on with my own trotty botty - but wouldn't it be great if there was a site with not just my thoughts, but that of all the great and good.
Motivational Mindjam is a project I've been working on for a while and contains a whole load of motivational thoughts a vids from around the web.

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This Page is under development - please visit back

This Page is under development - please visit back
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This Page is under development - please visit back
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