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The Mindset Pro
Golf System
A proven approach to Golf which will improve your Mindset and Reduce your Handicap - EVEN IF YOU NEVER WANT TO PICK UP A GOLF CLUB AGAIN!
The Mindset Pro Does the Business
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The Mindset Pro
How Can I Help You?
Hi there,

I'm Derm, otherwise known as The Mindset Pro and I work with Golfers, Sports Men and Women as well as Businesses in developing a Mindset that will serve them well!
So What's it all about then?
The Mindset Pro has been Coaching one sport or another for over thirty years, is an NLP Practitioner and UKA Level 3 Performance Coach.
From not getting out of the car to playing better than ever!
"M" was an experienced Golfer with a fairly low handicap, who had been playing for years.

Over time his  problem became the first Tee, (not everyone's favourite) which he had developed an issue with so bad, it was almost at phobia level.
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